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II.gimnazija Maribor

LEGAL ADDRESS:Trg Miloša Zidanška 1
TOWN: Maribor
COUNTRY: SL - Slovenia
REGION: SI012 - Podravska
TELEPHONE:  +386 (0)2 330 44 30
FAX: +386 (0)2 330 44 40
EMAIL: s-dgm.mb@guest.arnes.si
WEBSITE: www.druga.si
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II.gimnazija Maribor

The school has a long tradition and is known for its commitment to offering students a firm academic foundation for further study and the possibility to develop into creative, open-minded individuals who will be prepared to work in an international atmosphere of cooperation and tolerance. Both elements — the academic rigour and the extracurricular diversity– have been given equal attention in the history of the school. With the academic achievements of its students, the school ranks among the best in Slovenia. The policy in developing its extra-curricular activities has been to open the school to its students and encourage them to spend afternoons and evenings discovering their talents. The school’s philosophy will continue to adhere to this principle in the future as well, striving to be a friendly place for learning where students’ creative potential can be challenged. We provide many different programmes:

  1. THE NATIONAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL PROGRAMME which is intended for students who wish to gain academic knowledge, develop their creativity, and pursue their studies at the university level.
  2. PROJECT RESEARCH CLASSES for students who are interested in project work and are keen researchers. It is also aimed at those who realize that opportunity and challenge combined enable personal growth.
  3. SPORT CLASSES. In the early 1990′s, sports classes at II. gimnazija Maribor were founded in order to help students better organise their athletic and academic obligations. The flexibility of the programme to adapt to the student’s individual needs is its main advantage.
  4. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA PROGRAMME for students aged 16 to 17 who have successfully finished the second year of their high-school studies.

School provides 64 extra activities where student can develop their creativity, action and social skills. Erasmus+ is a great challenge for us.