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The textbook of practical activities

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The spirit of observation, curiosity and wishing for more knowledge are just a few of the conditions that form the base of learning trough experiments. Experiments can generate good feelings, they can determine students to use their newly-found knowledge achieved from experiments in further activities.

Trough experiment, learning becomes more thorough, the student gets to take part in the learning process, he observes, has questions to ask, perhaps he can find some answers himself. Also, the spirit of investigation is formed and developed, giving students the ability to form and check hypotheses. By making an experiment, the student acquires certain practical abilities and develops his logical thinking and creativity.

The practical activities handbook includes some practical experiments realized by students within the project, meant to facilitate the understanding of some phenomena that take place in nature. Useful especially during science, geography and environmental classes, experimental activities can be used not only for increasing one’s knowledge, but also for assuring feedback.

In this handbook, we decided to include experiments that focus on the physics of the atmosphere, processes and phenomena that happen in the atmosphere, such that students and anyone else who’s interested can access them easily.

The Romanian Erasmus+ team