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The atlas of the weather phenomena, clouds and symbols used in meteorology

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Clouds are the key when it comes to climate change studies: we need to better understand how clouds affect the climate and the ways climate change can affect clouds. Clouds play an essential role in water’s circuit in nature and in the global distribution of water. Climate change will continue across the next few decades, considering the growing amount of greenhouse gases we produce.

Atmospheric precipitations include all the products of the condensation and crystallization of water vapors from the atmosphere, also called hydrometeors, which fall from the sky or fog and reach the surface of the Earth.

The atlas is structured into two chapters:

The first chapter includes a simplified presentation of the main classes of clouds that form according to altitude, forming conditions, main characteristics, types and sub-types of clouds. For those who are used to look at the sky, fascinated by the numerous shapes clouds can be, this atlas offers the information, accompanied by images, necessary for getting to know and recognizing the main types of clouds.

The second chapter includes a short presentation of the main types of precipitation and meteorological phenomena which includes traits, forming conditions, images and symbols used in meteorology. The atlas is a useful teaching material when it comes to teaching-learning cloud and precipitation-related notions.