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A practical meteorological guide

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Popular meteorology represents the entirety of folklore elements which are related to predicting weather. A large part of meteorological predictions are in the form of proverbs; some have a scientific base, others do not.

Man has always wanted to be able to predict the weather, as in traditional societies there is a great dependence on weather manifestations. With the advancements of agriculture this dependence became even more visible. Country dwellers knew by interpreting the sings in nature whether good or bad weather was approaching, all this without using the media. Ever since ancient times they were able to interpret the behaviour of animals and nature phenomena to find out how the weather would change and depending on these signs they would adjust the agricultural calendar and all the rural economy.

In each and every culture there are proverbs related to predicting the weather, as well as days which are considered significant for predicting the weather, although without a scientific foundation.

    This guide offers a summary of the most popular weather predictions of the time from the five partner countries grouped in four categories:
  • Signs in nature,
  • Signs from animals,
  • Signs from plants,
  • Signs of the earth.

The guide is addressed to high school pupils so that they know a few of the traditional methods for predicting weather in their own country and also so that they can use this information in daily life (we can check their credibility and can consider them in concrete situations). The guide is translated in the languages of all partner countries as well as English.

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