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7 - 11 MAY 2018

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Stdents presentations: Portugal , Slovenia (1), and Slovenia (2) Romania, France, Poland

The Slovene Project Team (Ivan Lorenčič (the headmaster of II. gimnazija Maribor), Zdenka Keuc (coordinator), Matjaž Vehovar (teacher), Polona Vehovar (teacher), Anja Sovič (teacher), Filip Arne Lozar (student), Vid Peršak (student), Luka Kopše (student), Van Dečko (student), Bkažka Kaja Žnuderl (student), Martina Kolbl (student), and Živa Lončar (student) organised the second LTTA (7-11 May 2018) in the Project “Thunderstorms and Thunderbolts in Teaching Strategies and Meteorology”, number 2017-1-RO01-KA219-037264. The meeting was attended by the partners from Romania, Poland, France and Portugal.

The programme was prepared for five days and included teaching/learning/training activities for both, students and teachers involved in the Project “Thunderstorms and Thunderbolts in Teaching Strategies and Meteorology”. In order to study the particularities and specificity of weather and climate phenomena the School Weather Station of II. gimnazija Maribor was build, and through workshops, filed work activities, and lectures information regarding the weather and climate phenomena in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world were provided . At the very first day a reception of II. gimnazija Maribor was organised; later some fun activities to getting know the new environment and the Slovenian school system were provided. During the laboratory work students built a storm thermometer and later their presentations about climate change in their countries were done.

In the second day all participants were getting know Maribor and introducing with the weather phenomena which are a feature of Slovenia. Everything was organised through a fieldwork and like a competition of national mixed groups of students and teachers.

The third day was dedicated to knowing Slovenia and climatic zones that are a feature of Slovenia. Bled Lake, Valley Tamar (Planica), Valley Soča, Piran and Ljubljana were visited. We all participate on the concert dedicated to the day of Europe, May 9 in Ljubljana, Kongresni trg.

The fourth day started with the lecture of English school system provided by Romanian team and later students prepared their final presentation of LTTA in Slovenia (Climate friendships). Teacher expressed their creativity in art workshop. In the afternoon some of the pearls of Slovenske Gorice area (the heart between the vineyards and typical Slovene homestay) were visited and also typical Slovene food was tasted.

Last day started with the pupils presentations about Climate friendships and evaluation of the Slovene LTTA. We also went through planning activities in the next LTTA in Poland. The final agreement was that the project should involve a closed group of students and teachers; because this makes the work on individual LTTA’s much easier.

The students and teachers assessed the organization and implementation of LTTA as an excellent in 76% and as a very valuable experience that they would be happy to repeat again. The remaining 24% of the participants were very satisfied with the implementation and organization (see appnedice1).

Our school was happy to host the whole event.

Zdenka Keuc, coordinator of Erasmus+ project

List of participants involved in the LTTA:

  1. Cristian HUSAC, Romania
  2. Ștefan VICOL, Romania
  3. Lucian Andrei PÎRÎIALĂ, Romania
  4. Tomasz DYLKOWSKI, Poland
  5. Dariusz JAWORSKI, Poland
  6. Bartosz KURAŚ, Poland
  7. Wiktoria WOLAŃSKA, Poland
  8. Małgorzata JASTRZĄB, Poland
  9. Lydia GASSENBACH, France
  10. Carine GOPAULEN, France
  11. Elias BAN, France
  12. Leonard MARIOT, France
  13. Emília COSTEIRA, Portugal
  14. Ângela GARCIA, Portugal
  15. Eduarda MARQUES, Portugal
  16. Rodrigo PAULO, Portugal
  17. Anja SOVIČ, Slovenia
  18. Kaja Blažka ŽNUDERL, Slovenia
  19. Polona VEHOVAR, Slovenia
  20. Matjaž VEHOVAR, Slovenia
  21. Filip Arne LOZAR, Slovenia
  22. Vid PERŠAK, Slovenia
  23. Martina KOLBL, Slovenia
  24. Živa LONČAR, Slovenia
  25. Luka KOPŠE, Slovenia
  26. Van DEČKO, Slovenia
  27. Zdenka KEUC, Slovenia