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Transnational Project Meeting - Romania

8 - 10 November 2018

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The Roumanian Project Team organised the first transnational project meeting (8-10 November 2017) in the Project “Thunderstorms and Thunderbolts in Teaching Strategies and Meteorology”, number 2017-1-RO01-KA219-037264. The meeting was attended by the partners from Slovenia, Poland and Portugal. This was the first “face to face” meeting and the host school was happy to hold it.

The first meeting enabled us to meet each other, each partner presenting their school and also the area where it is located. Although our school has had collaborations with both one school in Slovenia and another school in Poland, it was necessary to meet the other partners and it was also necessary for them to meet each other.

The programme was structured for three days and included both project meetings to set up details regarding the following teaching/learning/training with students, the choosing of a logo from the variants suggested by each country as well as work visits. Therefore, in order to study the particularities and specificity of weather and in the Hârlău – Iași area, we visited the Weather Station in Cotnari and the Synoptic Weather Station in Iași. during these visits we got information regarding the reading and transmitting the information to the regional weather station, numeric models for the weather forecast, the colour of weather warnings and their frequency in the area, types of clouds and the phenomena they forecast, weather radars (the Radar in Bârnova) and their ability to forecast the occurrence of weather phenomena. Although currently automated, top-of-the range weather equipment is used, we will do readings of the traditional measurement instruments on the weather platform. For this purpose we paid a visit to the Laboratory for the Physics of the Atmosphere of the Faculty of Physics, “Al. I. Cuza” University in Iași, where we were presents with both modern and traditional instruments which are used in the reading of various parameters of certain climatic elements.

Since initially two more school were involved and as they withdrew in the first two months of the project, it was necessary for the tasks to be re-distributed and also for each partner to be made aware of the fact that they will have to re-distribute the mobilities to the other partner countries. Since a teaching/learning/training activity was set for one of the countries which withdrew, it was commonly agreed that that activity will take place in Portugal and as the teaching/learning/training activities were not designed to be connected, it was agreed that this activity should take place during 5-9 March 2018, with the same theme as the initial one.

Also the coordinating teacher in each country studied together the activities and re-distributed the responsible persons for each activity so that each school should have an approximately equal share of tasks and the objectives of the projects should be achieved. During the work meetings the variants for the logo form each country were presented, totalling circa 15 variants. The most suitable logo for the project was chosen thorough secret vote.

The results of the project implementation will be available for free to all interested parties both on the project website and the social media pages created by schools.

Our school was happy to host the event. All events were clarified, new terms were set for each activity in order to make them more efficient and more suitable and for some a longer time that the initial one was set.

List of participants involved in the meeting:


  1. Zdenka Keuc, Slovenia
  2. Emília Lurdes Guimarães Costeira, Portugal
  3. Tomasz Dylkowski, Poland
  4. Ramona Darie, Romania
  5. Alina-Elena Olenic, Romania
  6. Cristian Husac, Romania
  7. Aurel Neicu, Romania
  8. Ramona-Elena Bujor, Romania
  9. Diana-Maria Honciu, Romania
  1. Presenting the school and the area
  2. Visit to the classrooms and geography and IT rooms, explanations regarding the way the school works and functions
  3. Visit to the Weather Station in Cotnari and to the Synoptic Weather Station in Iași
  4. Visit to the Laboratory for the Physics of the Atmosphere of the Faculty of Physics, “Al. I. Cuza” University in Iași
  5. Setting up deadlines for all activities
  6. Re-distributing activities and responsibilities corresponding to the two schools which withdrew
  7. Discussing the activities which will take place in the teaching/learning/training meetings in Portugal and Slovenia
  1. Portugal will organise an extra teaching/learning/training meeting corresponding to the one in the country which withdrew during 5-9 March 2018.
  2. The meeting in Slovenia will take place during 7-11 May 2018
  3. Setting the deadline for the start of the website (January 2017), which will be created and updated by the Roumanian team.
  4. Setting up exact deadlines for each result which was proposed and the persons responsible for them